(the top 7 chips are ivory; the middle 7,
mother-of-pearl; the bottom 9, clay)


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I BUY gambling chips (casino, ivory, mother-of-pearl, bone, clay composition chips, etc.), small gambling equipment (faro, keno, poker, roulette, etc. -- both straight and crooked), old playing card decks (poker size -- 2-1/2" wide), gambling paper (gambling supply catalogs, books, movie lobby cards, cigar box labels, etc.), and other old items which are gambling-related/have gambling images (match safes, lighters, watches, etc.). All items, except casino chips and catalogs, should be prior to 1945........I do not want gambling toys; plastic, paper or plain chips; metal slot tokens; current or recent casino chips; or large/heavy items like slot machines.......... I pay commissions for good leads.............Thank you........

Note: Feel free to write, call or e-mail about any chip/gambling-related matters.


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When I refer to scarcity, I use these grades/terminology: very rare, rare, scarce, uncommon, average, common and very common.

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I am developing my system here as I go.  If there is a problem or defect (other than even use or wear), I spell it out.  This is my basic grading system/terminology:

  • very fine -- excellent --  my highest rating: mint or near mint
  • fine -- quite attractive, insignificant wear
  • OK -- average, good chip, some wear, which is uniform/even
  • poor -- some defects or considerable wear  (defects, if any, are spelled out)

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  • buy with confidence: everything is sent insured, and you may return anything for a full refund for any reason or no reason!

  • for orders of individual chips, add $4.00 for postage-insurance. For orders of large poker chip sets or racks, the buyer pays actual postage-insurance.  And if you live in New York State, add sales tax. 

  • you may e-mail ( first, to discuss availability of items and other matters (some chips, I have only one or two, so I can hold an item for you).

  • you may pay via PayPal, or mail a check to Robert Eisenstadt; 200 N River Ln, Apt. 204; Geneva, Illinois 60134-1473   If via PayPal, contact me first for details.  I can have PayPal email you a "Money Request" for your purchase.  Thank you.

Robert Eisenstadt
200 N River Ln, Apt. 204, Geneva IL 60134-1473




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Note: this site is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Dale Seymour or his excellent book, "Antique Gambling Chips; Revised Edition" (Palo Alto CA: Past Pleasures, 1998), which I recommend you buy and study. The book is mainly about clay and ivory poker chips.  It comes in both hard ($35) and soft cover ($25).... ..... ... There are two editions of the book -- the one just cited, and an earlier one (1985).  Be sure to buy the most recent of the two.  You can buy it via mail order from a number of outlets.  Two in Las Vegas are the Gambler's Book Shop, (800) 522-1777; and Gamblers General Store, (800) 322-2447.